Release notes 22.02

Release notes Espresso Data Privacy Orchestration cloud solution 22.02

Release information

Release date of 22.02.0: February 13, 2022

  • Upgrade non-production environments: February 13, 2022
  • Upgrade production environments: not ready for production


  • Tests with a relatively small amount of resources show good performance and smooth orchestration. The live demo system is put into operation. It is intended to prove the orchestration capability of the solution with a high number of orchestration datasets.

New features

  • Data deletion orchestration was redesigned and established based on the standardized Identify, Validate, Delete, Document process path.
  • Multi-tenant deletion orchestration with complete tenant separation; dedicated, secured and guaranteed resources with own services per tenant.
  • One click import of business configurations based on simple Excel spreadsheets. The configuration contains the tenant, its applications, business object types and the orchestration sequence.
  • As part of the business configuration application types have been introduced: MST: Master applications, VET: Veto applications, DEP: Dependend applications, VDE: Veto-Dependend applications.
  • Unlimited number of deletion requests, orchestration batches, deletion data records and no limitation on orchestration execution time which can be from seconds to years.
  • Unlimited combination and length of orchestration sequences with various expandable task types. Current task types are for example deletion lock check, non-veto, deletion, deletion-simulation, anonymization or archiving.
  • The orchestration engine / server provides a modern, lightweight REST API to allow smooth orchestration of client applications including dataset delivery, task requests and task result delivery.
  • Prioritization of delivered batches or processing according to the first-in-first-out principle. Levels of prioritization are low, standard and high.
  • Accurate, unrestricted and fast traceability of all system events and deletion evidence for audits. Over a dashboard all required data is always availalbe can be accessed on demand in no time.
  • Interrupting the orchestration of deliveries is possible without, however, having to reject new deletion delivery requests via API.


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